If it’s Summer, it’s TMP Survey Time

Carlyle Comunity employees and workers can take the annual Carlyle Transportation Management Program (TMP) survey.   This survey collects information about commuting habits and includes Carlyle specific questions about transit options for Carlyle.  Carlyle Community Council (CCC) manages the Carlyle TMP program in coordination with the City to encourage use of transit.

Survey responses are critical to helping CCC structure its TMP to best meet the transit needs of workers and residents in Carlyle.  As an incentive, CCC will give a $5 Metro Card for each completed survey (to the 1st 500 respondents).  The survey can be completed online using the links below.  The online survey has a place to leave contact information so respondents can get their $5 metro card (that page of the survey can also be printed for verification).  The deadline for responding is July 31, 2014.

Please note there are two versions of the survey – one for employees — and one for residents:
Employees: 2014 Carlyle Community Council Employee TMP Survey
Residents:  2014 Carlyle Community Council Residential TMP Survey