A long time ago, the City approved a street widening project for Eisenhower Avenue from Telegraph Road to Holland Lane that has been delayed.  This road project has re-started and the scope includes:
1. Dual left turns at the Eisenhower/Mill Road intersection on westbound Eisenhower Ave.
2. Upgrading the receiving lanes on Mill Road to accept the dual left turns from Eisenhower Ave.
3. Eliminating the traffic circle at Eisenhower and Holland and replacing it with a “T” intersection.
4. Upgrading the street lighting and sidewalks in front of the Simpson property.
5. Full width resurfacing of Eisenhower Avenue between Holland Lane and Mill Road.

The City anticipates having the project design completed by March 2016, right of way acquisition completed by June 2016, impacted utilities relocated by spring 2017, and begin construction in late summer 2017.  The construction duration is anticipated to be about 18 months.  Carlyle Council owns the Eisenhower Circle that is to be removed. The statue of President Eisenhower, that is the focal point of the circle, would be moved to a new location.