On-Site TMP Coordinator

Carlyle has an on-site TMP Coordinator to provide one-on-one contact for Carlyle Council Members.  The TMP Coordinator is responsible for managing the TMP program as well as working with the City’s Local Motion office, including:

  • Staffs an on-site TMP office to easily distribute TMP information to Carlyle employers to assist in developing company policies that will assist employees in traveling by transit or ride sharing.
  • Manages communications and outreach  to employees, residents and visitors, including
    • Distribution of TMP and related materials via Carlyle commercial property owners, businesses, and residential properties
    • Oversees active outreach, community programs, participation in community events, and information from related organizations to inform residents and employees about a range of transportation alternatives
    • Conducts annual survey of workers and residents on commuting patterns and views on transit related matters
    •  Manages a Carlyle Council website and Facebook page
  • Manages program to subsidize costs of SmarTrip benefits for workers and residents
  • Promotes and facilitates bicycling as a commuting alternative including
    • Sponsor of a Bike to Work Day Pit Stop at John Carlyle Square Park
    • Promotion of Capital Bikeshare
    • Placement of adequate bike racks throughout Carlyle; and
    • Distribution of information on bike paths, City programs, and local bike clubs
  • Coordination and promotion of City and Regional Transit Programs (see link for details)