King Street-Old Town Metro Access Improvements Project Possible in 2017

Reconfiguration of the King St Metro station may start in 2017.  For Carlyle, this will have a direct impact on its weekday shuttle bus service.  Shuttles will no longer be allowed to pick up and drop off passengers at the metro station during the two-year construction project.   The project, sponsored by the City in coordination with WMATA, aims to provide a safer and more attractive walking environment; maintain an efficient level of service for transit access to the site, which includes buses and other transit vehicles; accommodate future access needs, including bus service expansion; and make transit use more convenient and attractive as a travel mode.
The project is necessary since the King Street Metro Station has experienced significant growth in bus service and overall ridership.   It is the largest transit facility in the City and provides multi-modal transportation such as Metro and DASH buses, the King Street Trolley, bicycles, including a Capital Bikeshare station, carshare, taxis, private shuttles, and individual automobiles.  Also, the Virginia Railway Express (VRE) and Amtrak station is adjacent to the King St-Old Town Metrorail Station and is a major transit point to Alexandria for many visitors and tourists.  Look for updates as the project timeline is finalized.