The December newsletter reported on the proposal by Stonebridge/Carras for a multi-tower multi residential use project above retail that includes a Wegmans   This project was approved by Planning Commission on January 4th.   The details are:

Item:     Hoffman Town Center – Blocks 4 & 5 (Wegmans)

Action:  6-0 vote to initiate and recommend approval of the Master Plan amendment, and recommend approval of the Coordinated Development District (CDD) amendment and related approvals

Next Steps: City Council will hold a public hearing and vote on these items at their Saturday, January 20, 2018 public hearing

Description:  A collection of changes to the Eisenhower East Master Plan and the zoning on vacant parcels at the Eisenhower Metro station to allow for development of a mixed-use project by StoneBridge Carras. The 1.7M square foot project includes several residential buildings atop a retail podium and will include a Wegmans grocery story.

Details & Issues of Interest:

  • 1st of two stages for this project- these are focused just on the approval of uses, density, and massing while Stage 2 (expected in March) will tackle the details and design of the project
  •  Master Plan Amendment allows for a change in uses from commercial to residential, increasing the density and number of building stories allowed on the site, and allowing more parking for a regional grocery store
  • CDD amendment and Stage 1 Development Special Use Permit (DSUP) allows for a combined development option for Blocks 4&5, permits 834,554 SF of residential, 252,421 SF of retail & 622,006 SF of parking floor area for a maximum number of parking spaces of 1,546
  • Issues to be resolved before Stage 2 is approved: affordable housing (on site or contribution)
  • connection of open space areas on top of the retail podium
  • allowable uses on second floor of ‘retail’ space