Back to Blue Thanks to recent Metrorail improvements, rush-hour wait times for Blue Line and Yellow Line trains are now only 8 minutes. If you live, work, or play in Alexandria, that means more time to spend in the City and less time getting here.¬†Service on Metrorail’s Blue Line has improved significantly, rush-hour wait times, or headways, for trains on that line are now 8 minutes, up from a high of 12-plus minutes. Yellow Line service has also stabilized at 8 minutes. In addition to the improved weekday rush periods, WMATA also announced new late-night service on Fridays and Saturdays, and slightly shortened Sunday through Thursday service hours. These changes impact service at all four of Alexandria’s Metrorail stations:

  • Braddock Road¬†(Blue, Yellow)
  • King Street (Blue, Yellow)
  • Van Dorn Street (Blue)
  • Eisenhower Avenue (Yellow)