AlexRenew Project will Impact Holland Lane
Alexandria Renew Enterprises is cleaning and inspecting the Commonwealth Interceptor, the
underground pipe that conveys wastewater flow from the City’s sewer lines to AlexRenew. Periodic cleaning and inspection of this line is an important maintenance project that helps reduce the likelihood of pipe failure or related problems. They’ll be in our neighborhood soon. (see flyer attached)
WHEN:  The project starts along Commonwealth Avenue in late summer, moves down Holland Lane and terminates at the Alexandria Renew facility south of Eisenhower Ave by the end of the year.
Work will be done weekdays during the day. There may be night work, which will be coordinated with the City and compliant with City Code.
HOW:  This work involves using high-pressure water jets and a vacuum truck to remove debris and sediment from the trunk sewer. A robotic camera will inspect the line to assess its condition. You may hear high pressure water jets or see trucks from Video Pipe Services, AlexRenew’s vendor for this project.